Analysis of yawning behaviour in spontaneous expressions of drowsy drivers

Zhuoni Jie, Marwa Mahmoud, Quentin Stafford-Fraser, Peter Robinson, Eduardo Dias, Lee Skrypchuk
Human Behavior Understanding (HBU) workshop in IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, Xi'an, Chima, May 2018
This paper explores yawning behaviour as a sign of drowsiness in spontaneous expressions of drowsy drivers in simulated driving scenarios. We analyse a labelled dataset of videos of sleep-deprived versus alert drivers and demonstrate the correlation between hand- over-face touches, face occlusions and yawning. We propose that face touches can be used as a novel cue in automated drowsiness detection alongside yawning and eye behaviour. Moreover, we present an automatic approach to detect yawning based on extracting geometric and appearance features of both mouth and eye regions. Our approach successfully detects both hand-covered and uncovered yawns with an accuracy of 95%. Ultimately, our goal is to use these results in designing a hybrid drowsiness-detection system.

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