At the time of writing (Sept 2010), I’m listed as an inventor on the following patents & applications:

EP0777173, WO0103389, USD463389,WO2005098609, WO2005101193, WO2005106643, WO2005114380, US2006026140, US2006023945, US2006026078, WO2006014727, US2006036585, US2006036462, US2006041484, US2006041538, US2006041605, US2006041590, WO2006023937, WO2006023718, US2006047639, US2006053097, US2006050996, US2006061806, WO2006037011, US2006078207, US2006081714, US2006087683, US2006098900, US2006098899, US2006104515, US2006119900, US2006122983, WO2006061581, US2006136629, WO2006093971, US2006256371, WO2006124496, US2006294094, EP1741028, US2007011140, EP1743239, WO2007020408, EP1759282, EP1771784, KR20070043926, US2007162347, KR20070083841, KR20070092596, US2007279711, WO2007141020, US2007300142, GB2443437, US2008141117, US2008137971, US2008313172, US2009077658, US2010092095, US2010115139, US2010164838, US2010177970, US2010177964, US2010183246, US2010182631, US2010185538

There may be a few others I haven’t found. The number of systems out there that can’t cope with hyphenated surnames is amazing!