I don't have nearly as much time these days to write code as I would like, outside my Telemarq and University work. Most of what I do manage is in the form of quick hacks to solve particular problems, but besides my past work at various companies and research labs, I have written some other bits of software which people are foolish enough to use. Here are a few.

This is mostly Free Software. Free as in the sort of speech inspired by too much free beer.

  • I wrote the original Windows VNC viewer, and the first Windows VNC server. You can see a copy of the old VNC pages here, but its official home is now at RealVNC.
  • Qhue is a tiny-weeny Python wrapper for the Philips Hue lights' API.
  • imapdedup is a Python script that tidies up duplicate messages in an IMAP mailbox.
  • uwsgiapp is a little script to manage apps running under uWSGI.
  • FCPXchange is a Mac OS X utility for users of Final Cut Pro X that can sometimes help if you have problems relinking your media.
  • is a Postcript program to produce multi-set Venn diagrams.
  • sshput is a script to help you set up ssh public keys on remote machines.
  • Wagipedia is a web site to help you find nice places to take you dog for a walk, and to tell others about good spots.
  • check_drobo is a plugin for the excellent Nagios monitoring system, that lets you check on a Drobo connected to a Linux box.
  • icsv2ledger is an interactive command-line tool for importing CSV files (such as you might get from your bank) into John Wiegley's text-file-based accounting system, Ledger.
  • alfred_itp is a workflow for Alfred 2 that lets you select iTerm 2 profiles conveniently.

Older stuff

It's pretty unlikely that you want to use this now!

  • PyGarmin is a set of Python classes for talking to Garmin GPS receivers.
  • ev2vnc takes Linux USB keyboard and mouse events and injects them into a VNC session.
  • VNC2DL allows a DisplayLink USB device to show the output of a VNC session.
  • Qvideo is a simple input filter for Drupal that allows you to specify several different video files in different formats, and it embeds the appropriate HTML5 video tags with fallback to a Flash player.
  • Here's a keyboard you can use for entering URLs if you don't have a keyboard! I did this for the Broadband Phone, when Javascript was still a bit of a novelty.
  • DateOpen is a little Mac utility for renaming files based on today's date and then opening them.