'Brunch with Brent' and 'Linux Unplugged'

Jupiter Extras episode 86, 2022-06-19

A wide-ranging discussion including self-driving cars, the patent system, scuba diving and the Raspberry Pi, amongst other topics.

I enjoy much of the output of the Jupiter Broadcasting network, and one of their feeds, Jupiter Extras, has a range of programmes that don’t obviously fit into any of their other categories.

Brent Gervais, a very capable and thoughtful host, has a subset of interviews called ‘Brunch with Brent’, and was good enough to invite me on to ramble about all sorts of things. Very enjoyable, at least for me!

You can find the episode here, and there’s a shorter extract featured as part of the Linux Unplugged podcast episode 463, of which Brent is also a host.

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