alfred_itp - iTerm 2 for Alfred 2

The very handy iTerm 2 utility is a terminal program with lots of great features beyond the standard OS X Terminal. Alfred is an amazing app launcher for OS X.

One of the features of iTerm 2 is the concept of ‘Profiles’. A profile can save a particular terminal configuration, including things like background colours, but most importantly, including an initial command to be run when the terminal is started. You can have a profile called ‘Production’, for example, which sets the background colour to bright red and does an ssh into your production webserver, and changes to your most commonly-used directory.

This workflow plugin shows your current list of iTerm 2 profiles in Alfred, and lets you select one.
If you’d prefer it to open a new tab instead of a new window, see the comments in the Applescript.

Note that you’ll need the paid (powerpack) version of Alfred to use this.

Updated 2013-05-17 - it now includes, in case you don’t have that installed.

(Thanks to Andrew Wooster for the python ‘biplist’ module, on which this depends, and for the recommendations of various people on the Alfred forum.)

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