Original VNC logo

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a system for sending graphics over networks, and it’s used mainly as a way to control one computer desktop from another one.  The name comes from the fact that companies like Oracle were creating dedicated hardware web-browsing devices at the time, called Network Computers. Our system let you access remote servers with just a lightweight piece of software, so this was Virtual Network Computing.

I worked on VNC for a couple of years, writing the original VNC viewer for Windows - known then as Venice - and Windows CE, and the first Windows VNC server, which I named Veneto.

Here’s the original video we made about VNC:

And here are H.264-based MP4 versions which you can right-click and save to disk:
Good quality (67MB) Small (32MB)

The official home for VNC is now at RealVNC, where it goes from strength to strength.